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Inspiring a life-long love of music through personalized piano lessons.

Piano Lessons in Kelowna, BC
& Online throughout North America

Students are equipped with the training required to release their inner musician.

Adult Piano Lessons


You've regretted not playing the piano for long enough.  Whether you've never played a note or feel the piano calling you back. I'm here to create safe space and set you up for success!

Learn to play the music you love.

Lessons are customized for every student. You choose the pace, songs and how frequently you book lessons.

Daytime lessons are available for weekly students or on a drop-in basis.  Weekly lessons are discounted.  See link to book a drop-in lesson (complimentary first meeting).

Read the reviews on Google to hear what my amazing adult students have to say about in person and Zoom lessons. Let's play!

Homeschool Lessons


Homeschool Lessons are personalized for each student.  Student's individualities, strengths and passions are used to customize curriculum and lesson focus.  

I am delighted to offer direct billing as an approved vendor with HCOS and KLEOS for families who are allocating funding for music lessons.

Lessons are fun, engaging and interactive. Bring out your child's inner musician through play-based learning. If Social Emotional Learning and fostering a Growth Mindset are things you resonate with let's meet.

Criminal Record Checks are on file with both HCOS and KLEOS.


Lesson are available 

in studio or online through  Zoom.


Kids Lessons - Daytime & Online


You'd like your child or teen to start piano lessons and want them to love learning!


Lessons are fun, engaging and interactive. Allow their inner musician to be released through play-based learning


** The studio is full with an extensive waitlist for after school lesson times in PST (Pacific Standard Time). 

I would be happy to connect you with a colleague or am able to offer daytime lessons to homeschoolers, preschoolers or students able to attend during school hours.


Many families opt to attend before school or at lunch or pick their child up early once a week to attend piano lessons at the studio.  Please reach out if you are interested in a lunch lesson or early afternoon opening.

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Hello!  Thanks for stopping by.

Thank you for being curious and coming to find out a little more about me and the studio. 


My name is Michelle and I have been enjoying music for as long as I can remember and playing the piano since I was 7.  I have been teaching piano for 30 years and I love what I do!  


I strive to create a safe learning space for all students.   My goal is to meet each student where they are at and move them forward on their musical learning continuum. I want students to leave their lessons inspired to learn and set up for success.   I teach lessons online and out of this spacious and bright studio in Kelowna, BC on Dilworth Mountain.

My formal piano training was through the Royal Conservatory of Music (Piano).  My music education was enhanced by becoming a Certified Music For Young Children Teacher (MYCC) in 1997 after attending university where I studied Education with a Minor in Music.  A fun fact about me was that though I studied classically, my superpower is my ear so I was often at the piano figuring out melodies and playing for fun whenever I could. 


Beginner piano pedagogy is a particular passion for me.  In addition to teaching my own students, I had the distinct opportunity to support new teachers in British Columbia and California when I served as a teacher trainer and mentor with Music for Young Children (MYC).  The MYC program was a group curriculum where classes of 6 children and their parents attended lessons on a weekly basis. I have taught hundreds of students over the years and am delighted to be in touch with many of them to this day. 

I teach all ages. My boutique music studio is full of retirees, university students, working professionals, school-aged children and teens.  Many of my students identify as neurodiverse. Each student's lessons are individually tailored to them depending on their goals.  I curate music to get students playing and feeling successful.  Whether playing by ear, from sheet music, chord charts or lead sheets, I will work with you to get you playing music that you resonate with.  I believe when students are playing music they love they are motivated to practice!  I am a theory enthusiast and I love equipping my students with relevant music theory to provide greater comprehension.  

I am often learning new music to teach to my students who have a wide variety of musical interests.  My students are my best teachers!  I enjoy early morning runs, hikes and walks with friends, cooking plant-based food, baking and spending time with my diverse family. I am an Enneagram 2 who loves listening to audio books, podcasts and music.  I believe strongly in attachment-based theory and I resonate greatly with Fred Rogers.  I am curious and a life-long learner.

The studio is bright and spacious featuring a Kawai Grand Piano and Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano as well as many other instruments. It features plenty of natural light and is located centrally on Dilworth Mountain.  I invite you to click on the social media links at the bottom of the website to see photos and videos of lessons in action to give you a sense of how I teach and how much fun we have at lessons.  Come play!

About Me


Amazing Adult Piano Student

I have wanted to learn to play the piano for years and finally took a huge personal risk and signed up for a mini lesson with Michelle. After my first lesson I signed up to be a committed student! Michelle made my fears and anxiety disappear immediately by her warm and fun approach. She followed my lead and encouraged me, as I exposed my vulnerability, with care and kindness. My piano lesson day is my favourite day of the week! She is so knowledgeable and is incredibly honouring of the adult learner. I would highly recommend anyone, from beginner to wanting to jump back in, to reach out to Michelle!

Fabulous Homeschool Parent

Michelle is such a wonderful music teacher. Our daughter is having so much fun learning to play the piano. We are amazed at how quickly we can see progress. Michelle provides a very safe and encouraging learning environment for her students in a beautiful setting with grand piano. It has been such a joy to see our daughter grow a love for music from the lessons with Michelle. Our whole family is enjoying the benefits of more music in our home.

Screenshot 2023-02-22 at 1.25.02 PM.png

Past Parent, Inclusive Educator

Michelle is the best piano teacher around! Both of my children have learned so much from her.

Michelle is patient and kind, student's individualities are considered as the lessons are tailored to to suit them. And she is super knowledgeable! Michelle has a beautiful home and grand piano, and makes you feel so welcome!

There is no one better!


Lovely Adult Piano Student

Michelle is an amazing instructor. As an adult learner, I appreciate her positive reinforcement and interest in tailoring her teaching to songs and techniques I gravitate towards, which makes learning easy and motivation to play is high. You won't be disappointed picking her.

Your dream of playing piano is possible!
Michelle's Music (Piano) Studio provides a safe learning environment where students feel comfortable to take risks.

My goal is to meet students where they are at and move them forward on their musical learning continuum. Come play


Please contact me for more information on
in-person piano lessons in Kelowna or virtual
music lessons online through Zoom. 
After-school lessons are
full with an extensive waitlist.

I will do my best to connect you with a colleague
if I am unable to accommodate.


Musical Mornings

A popular time to schedule lessons are before work/school or mid morning for those with flexible schedules. 
Please contact the studio for lesson time availability as these times are currently waitlisted.

7:45 am - 11:00 am PST

Lunch Lessons

Lunch Lessons allow students to tuck away and transition to a creative space during the day.  This is a popular lesson time as well so please contact the studio for availability.

11:00 am - 1:30 pm PST

Awesome Afternoons

We currently have 1 opening for

Sept. 2023:  Weds. 1:45-2:15 pm

The studio remains full with an extensive waitlist for after school lessons (PST).  Unfortunately we are not not accepting any additional after school students on the waitlist at this time.  We are happy to recommend one of our amazing colleagues.


1:30 - 4:45pm PST

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