* Piano Lessons Customized for Every Student
* 25+ Years of Teaching Experience
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Personalized Piano Lessons... Music Lessons Designed For Individual Learners

Michelle MacArthur has been enjoying music for as long as she can remember and playing the piano since she was 7. In addition to the piano, she learned to play the guitar, ukulele, recorder, clarinet, hand bells and many rhythm instruments. Michelle did her training for piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music (Piano) and enhanced her music education by becoming a certified Music For Young Children Teacher in 1997 after attending university. She has been teaching music for over 25 years and loves children and music. Michelle's studio is located in Kelowna where she teaches on her grand piano. She is an advocate for music education and believes that exposing children to music from an early age is essential. Michelle feels strongly that a child be given opportunity to learn an instrument at a young age -- her bias is the piano as it gives a wonderful basis for any instrument. Her heart is that children develop a love for music and a healthy outlet that will serve them a lifetime of expression and enjoyment.  Her goal is that her students leave their lessons feeling good and inspired to learn.

"I have the best job in the world!  Being a piano teacher is SO rewarding!"

Piano lessons offered in Kelowna, BC. Music lessons are an incredible gift for yourself or your child!


"Michelle is fantastic! She has a passion for music that is infectious and she is very creative in coming up with different ways to teach students the notes and scales.
She is extremely professional and I am blown away with how much my daughter has learned already." 




  • I teach student-directed lessons that allow room for curiosity (and take into account parental expectations)

  • I teach adult lessons that are customized
    (chording, note reading, playing by ear) 

  • The instrument focus is the piano though components are reinforced and enhanced through music games (theory), rhythmic activities (musical manipulatives "stories", sticks, claves, blocks, drum) and additional instruments (keyboard, Boomwhackers, step bells, glockenspiel).

  • My training in piano is through the Royal Conservatory of Music and my specialization was completing several years of training with Music for Young Children (MYCC designation).

  • I belong to 2 professional piano teacher group training programs which I find are inspiring, educational and keep me current  (Tim Topham and Nicola Cantan).

  • I teach most students to chord their scales which
    forms the basis for transposing.

  • Many students learn to read lead sheets (chord symbols).

  • Composition and notation is offered as an option.

  • Recitals are held in December and May for students and their fans (families)!  


  • A safe and encouraging environment

  • A grand piano in excellent working condition

  • Songs that capture curiosity and motivate students to practice

  • Practice notes that will guide students at home (and provide insight for parents)

  • An energetic and kind approach to teaching

  • Creative approaches to keep students engaged and motivated

  • Emails with video attachments to help review at home



Thank you for your interest in music lessons.  Please contact me for a free studio tour and mini piano lesson.

2081 Lillooet Ct
Kelowna, V1V 1Y2

250-899-2792 (cell)

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